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Book Reviews
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The Perfect Guests
by Emma Rous

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This book was SO good. I love this author's books and this may be her best one yet. It kept me guessing until the very end, and just when you thought you had uncovered all of the secrets, she throws in a surprise in the very last chapter. I highly recommend this for all the mystery lovers out there!

Goldilocks And The Three Bears
by James Marshall

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Chasing Redbird By Sharon Creech
by S. Creech

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Sharon Creech is a great author. I love stories that involve young people; depicting certain life events and the many choices they make to navigate them.

by Hostetter

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I loved this sequel to Blue!

The Quest For Cosmic Justice
by Thomas Sowell

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This is a great read that gets to the point without needing too much of a background in the topic. Of course it encourages or entices the reader to look into mentioned events on their own. It provides a logical counter-point to the views and opinions being pushed out in mainstream media currently.

The Last Time I Saw You
by Liv Constantine

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Fun read. The characters were a bit repetitive and stretched believability within the context of the story, but the plot twist was unexpected and entertaining.

If It Bleeds
by Stephen King

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I enjoyed the short stories. The only problem I ran into was the word choices in the title story seemed a bit off considering the topic, but it was still a good read.

What Could Be Saved By Liese O'halloran Schwarz
by Liese O'halloran Schwarz

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This book has two timelines. One takes place in Bangkok in 1972, where Genevieve and Robert Preston and their three children are living while Robert is there for a special assignment with work. One day, eight year old Philip Preston goes missing, and was never found. The second timeline is in 2019 in Washington D.C. Laura Preston, the younger Preston daughter, is contacted by someone claiming to be Phlip. Bea, the older daughter, is convinced it is a scam, but after a skype call with him, Laura is convinced of his identity. She sets off for Thailand hoping to get answers to where he has been all this time, and why he hasn't contacted them before now, if he really is who he claims to be. This book was SO good. I didn't want to put it down. It was the the perfect combination of suspense, soap opera drama among the husbands and wives over in Bangkok, and just really good fiction. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to anyone with a love for a good fiction book.

The Haunting Of Brynn Wilder
by Wendy Webb

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It was an entertaining read. Focused more on romance than the haunting in a lot of ways, but still a fun read.

What's Worth Keeping
by Kaya Mclaren

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This story is told in the alternating voices of Amy, her husband, and her daughter. Amy is a breast cancer survivor who, on the day she got her cancer diagnosis, found divorce papers that her husband was having drawn up. Amy's husband, Officer Paul Bergstrom, is battling PTSD because he never really dealt with and recovered from clearing bodies from the Oklahoma City Bombing. Since then, his job as a police officer frequently brings those old memories to the surface. His only coping mechanism has been to deaden his feelings, good and bad, in order to survive. Their daughter Carly has been spiraling ever since her mother got the cancer diagnosis, and now that she has just finished high school, her parents are deperate for her to get her life back on track before it is too late. This is a very emotional read. It is very well-written. It is a very heartbreaking novel, but I felt like it almost threw in too many deep subjects. It almost overpowered the novel. ( On top of the cancer disgnosis and Paul's PTSD, Amy's father had alzheimer's). Overall, this was a good but depressing novel.

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