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Mad Mad Mad Leslie Patricelli
by Leslie Patricelli Board Books

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This books helps with understanding emotions.

Chasing Redbird By Sharon Creech
by S. Creech

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Sharon Creech is a great author. I love stories that involve young people; depicting certain life events and the many choices they make to navigate them.

The Other Passenger Louise Candlish
by Louise Candlish

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Jamie Buckby departs the river commuter boat to head into work and is immediately met by two detectives who want to question him conceerning his friend Kit who is missing. Jamie is the last person to see him supposedly, when they had gotten into a heated argument. Now Jamie is a prime suspect in Kit's disappearance. As the days follow, Jamie tries to prove his innocence and determine what happened to his friend. I am normally a fan of this author's books, but this one was a miss for me. I thought maybe it was a slow start but the entire book seemed to drag. It had a few plot twists, but not enough to redeem itself. None of the main characters were likeable, and there just wasn't much of a plot to it. I just didn't care for this one at all.

Strange Planet
by Nathan W Pyle

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The aliens were strange

The Phantom Tollbooth
by Norton Juster

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This book is absolutely amazing I love this book. I love how it plays on words. Definitely a fantastic book.

Runaway Twin
by Peg Kehret

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I would give Runaway Twin 4 stars! It has an exciting plot and is hard to stop reading! The characters you meet along the way are funny and well written. The reason I wouldn’t give it 5 stars is because the ending is a sad and disappointing. Overall Runaway Twin is an amazing book!

Ghost Hunter's Daughter
by Dan Poblocki

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I would give “Ghost Hunter’s Daughter” a 5 Star review! It is a good read for anybody who enjoys ghost stories. It is mysterious and has exciting plot twists! The ending ties the story together nicely.

Live Sadie Robertson
by Sadie Robertson Book

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this book is just amazing. seeing how to actually live your life with Christ in it is just beautiful. i hope you read this book and it’s just life changing<3

Bad Kitty Puppy's Big Day
by Nick Bruel

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Bad Kitty Takes The Test
by Nick Bruel

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This is a really good fiction book. I really liked when the man thinks he’s renewing his drivers license but something funny happens instead. This book will give you a good laugh, especially if you care about tests.

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